TechnologySpotify Reveals Egypt’s Top Love Songs and The List Certainly Got Our Hearts Filled Up!

Love is everywhere and all the thanks go to Spotify!

It is no secret that listeners associate romantic thoughts and feelings with their favorite love songs. Music can connect people in a deep, personal way and you can learn a lot about a person based on what they are listening to.

Yeah, yeah we know that it has been a couple of days since Valentine’s, but we at C-Town do not need a specific day to celebrate LOVE! *cough* CORNY *cough*

Discover the Songs Rocking Egypt With Spotify Charts

So, back to it; Some of the songs that are summing up Egypt’s love-themed anthems include “Bel Bont El3areed” aka “Tabtaba”, Sherine’s “حبه جنة”, Hassan Shakosh and Omar Kamal’s Mahragan duo “Bent El Geran” and GIMS’ collaboration with Mohamed Ramadan “Ya Habibi”. Check out the full list below.

Top songs added to user-generated Valentine’s Day playlists locally in the last 90 days

Sometimes a good playlist is all you need to get in the mood for love.

Top songs added to user-generated Valentine’s Day playlists globally in the last 90 days

Most popular songs about love in Egypt

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