EntertainmentOpinion: So We Think it’s About Time We Address the Whirlwind Sensation that WAS the Superstar lo2lo2 ..

We seriously cannot decide if it was really worth our time or not!

By Reham Mubasher

Lo2 lo2 is an Egyptian series staring Mai Omar, Edward, Ahmed Zaher, Nermine ELfeky, and Sharnouby directed by Mai’s hubby Mohamed Abd El Salam.

The plot was kinda basic … You had your poor talented gorgeous matchstick girl and your ultra-rich kind guy and of course, the evil hateful crew who wanted to see it all go down in flames, regardless it had that “it’s so bad but I can’t look away” vibe.

Just look at the article’s feature image … Well, that was the official poster for the series!

The storyline did have some serious twists with the star coming out as the ultimate mastermind behind the oh-so-satisfying revenge. All the artists involved in the series were undeniably invested in making us believe their characters, and boy did they deliver! Having watched it I genuinely felt a ‘let me at em’ and ‘ ahhhhhh that was good ‘.

Opinion: So W Think it's About Time We Address the Whirlwind Sensation that WAS the superstar lo2lo2 ..

I mean I seriously am still holding a bit of a grudge against Heidi Karim! It could have been way shorter and it did drag on a little towards the end BUT the production was incredible so it did make up for that. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it but I am hoping in the second part we get to see a certain “hopeless romantic” make a comeback.

We’re not sure if it was the impeccable fashion sense or the amazing cars or Mai Omar’s dimples and twitching brows but it was undeniably a hit, one that warranted a second part coming soon! Overall a 7/10 from us.

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