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Summer El-MorallyMarch 7, 20216 min

We started this month by the merry news of Ikea finally opening its branch in Mall of Arabia in Sheikh Zayed. To celebrate this much needed opening, and with the happy fact that we can now skip the 2-hour daunting trip to Cairo Festival City mall, we curated some of our favorite diverse Ikea products that can be used in every home.

When you are usually heading to the cashier, you have to pass  by the last department where you find greenery, lanterns, and the largest collection of scented candles. We found this white lantern that fit perfectly with our whole white aesthetic, and we found that we keep moving it around the corners, and it makes each corner look extra cozy! To light the candle, just lift the upper part from the handle, and the light will disperse in the place.

These two glass products from Ikea, along with the little planters are quite popular, but if you play with different elements, you will love the outcome and customize it to your own taste. The glass bowl on right is a great item for both kitchen and table display while the wooden plate adds some warmness to the whole glass look. What’s fun about it, is that you can totally change this setup between seasons.

Here we have more than one Ikea product, again, as it can all be built up accordingly to the theme you are going for! These placemats are great for everyday use. They are easily wiped and washed along with this daily juice glass set that can match any dinner set you have already. That way you can keep your fancier crystal sets safe, especially if you have kids at home.

We wanted to add gold accents to our coffee table, and when we found this tray we instantly fell in love. It looks very sweet with a tea set and a pot. For a cozier look, just stack your current reads, greenery, some and coasters.

This portable coffee corner can be tweaked easily and with items you already have in home! We wanted to elevate the plant, so the round chair was an instant solution, and we chose the gold plant pot to match the coffee table. While this trolley is not from Ikea, they have an exact one without the top handle. We added the Ikea coffee press, which is great for frothing milk, and of course brewing coffee.

Like we previously mentioned, the options are endless, and you can change any part of your home with some elements that will make all the difference. If you like this article, let us know in the comments, and we will keep these coming in the future.

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