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When we mentioned the word "ultimate" in the title, we weren't joking!
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Ramadan is just around the corner, and after a full year of not many great shows to follow, some of us are excited to see what this year’s marathon have to offer!  , as we have piled the full guide of Ramadan series for this year with most of the available trailers. So here you go:

El Ekhtyar 2

It’s believed to be the most anticipated series especially after the success of the first part of the previous season, and having Karim Abdelaziz and Ahmed Mekky together for the first time.

Harb Ahleya

After the Director Sameh Abdelaziz and Yousra’s huge success together in “Kheyanet Ahd”,  they’re collaborating again this year through “Harb Ahleya”. Also, the audience is waiting for Bassel Khayat’s unique performance.

El Tawoos

In El Tawoos, we’re going to witness Gamal Solimas’s comeback to Egyptian drama playing the lawyer role in a suspenseful story. The series is discussing mainly two issues: sexual harassment and social media influence on social issues.

Lahm Ghazal

Ghada Abdelrazek said that there isn’t a brand new idea behind the series, but it’s going to have the same vibes as Zohra and Elbatneya that people have loved.

Le’bet Newton

Tamer Mohsen is back after his last hit “Haza Elmasaa” to unite with Mona Zaki, whose last drama project was “Afrah El Oba”. The trailer doesn’t say much except for being something really GOOD!

W Kol Ma Neftere’

Actually the trailer has told us that the series is going to be something big concerning the unique hinted storyline.

Bent El Soltan

In “Bent Elsoltan”, we’re going to witness Rogeina’s first starring role. Bassem Samra and Ahmed Magdy are joining her in a story narrating social drama.

Molok El Gadaana

This year “Mostafa Shaaban” and “Amr Saad” are costarring in “Molook El Gadaana” instead of having separate projects for each. People are excited to see Shaaban in such new role.

Ded El Kasr

It seems like “Ded Elkasr” crew has succeeded on keeping us excited by not revealing much information about the project. We only know via the series photo session that fortunately Lekaa Elkhamisy is coming back to dramam, and that Tara Emad is representing a veiled girl.

Fares Bela Gawaz

It’s the comeback of Mostafa Qamar since his last drama project that was in 2010. The series is comedy and includes a number of situations and honor guests.

Nasl El Aghrab

The series is telling a story that takes place in upper Egypt. Ahmed Elsakka’s previous collaboration with Amir Karara is one reason that made people excited about the series. Another thing is the inclusion of the beloved Ahmed Malek and Ahmed Dash.


Elly Maloosh Kebir

Some people love to see actual couples acting together and others just don’t. Anyways, the audience is excited to watch this project, at least to be able to judge it fairly.

Ben El Sama Wel Ard

This is a special case. Firstly is the story of the great Naguib Mahfouz. Secondly, the series contains only 15 episodes which is a merit, we believe. Also, the project’s numerous actors have already got us hooked.

El Nemr

“Elnemr” unites “Mohamed Emam” with “Hannah Elzahed” in a love story. The series also discusses the jewelry making market and the conflicts there.

El Malek

“Amr Youssef” this year is impersonating “El Malek Ahmos” in a huge historic project. The series has been already subjected to criticism on whether the historical events are going to be accurate or not, but let’s not prejudge.

El Kahera Kabul

This one has already raised the excitement levels just by releasing the poster, as the crew is terrific, and the story is supposed to be discussing the terrorism issue.

Hagma Mortada

It’s not the first collaboration between “Ahmed Ezz” and “Hend Sabry”, so the chemistry is guaranteed here. The story is supposed to be narrating one of the Egyptian intelligence cases.

Naguib Zahy Zarkash

This one is a light comedy project that Dr. Yehia El Fakhrany refused to reveal its story, but it’s definitely something entertaining.

Del Ragel

“Yasser Galal” here in “Del Ragel” is playing the role of a P.E teacher from the poor class who is going through a dramatic story.


“Mohamed Ramadan” is impersonating the famous serial killer of Upper Egypt. People are waiting for this series especially after Ramadan’s last crises.


“Covid-25” is written by “Enjy Alaa”, Youssef El Sherif’s wife. This series contains 15 episodes only which would solve the dilemma of boring unnecessary events of the 30 episodes series.

Ahsan Ab

This one is apparently a light comedy series starting “Ali Rabee”. The series is 15 episodes only.

Asr El Nile

This one is a dramatic suspenseful story that takes place in the sixties. “Dina “Elsherbiny” refused to give more details when asked about the series.

Khaly Balak Men Zizi

The series crew stayed silent about any information related to the story or the events, except for the series Writer, Maryam Naaom who said that the project has nothing to do with Soaad Hosny’s old movie.

El Madah

“Hamada Helal” is playing a new and very different role from what he has presented before. People are actually waiting for the plot wishing it would be something authentic.

Aalam Mowazy

Last but not least, Donia Samir Ghanem’s fun and comedy series that will probably be our favorite as usual.

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