EntertainmentHere are some Highlights and Facts About “Le’bet Newton” You Probably Didn’t know About

How do you think will it end? What do you think of the series name?
Aya KadryApril 23, 20217 min

Another year with another interesting Ramadan series tournament! However, this year some extinguishable drama tonalities emerged. On the top of our heads, Le’bet Newton. The series is gaining fame, spotlight, and popularity for a bunch of reasons, and here are some extra highlights gathered for you:

The Reality of Acts and Scenes

Here are some Highlights and Facts About "Le'bet Newton"

Via DMCThe true-to-point vibe of interaction between the main characters “Hazem” played by Mohamed Mamdouh, and “Hana” played by Mona Zaki, whilst texting on WhatsApp and their urge of breaking down in a voice note then deleting this voice note. Also, the realistic setting of their home and the dialogue with and their parents is something to turn a thumbs up for.

Attention to Details

Here are some Highlights and Facts About "Le'bet Newton"

Via FacebookBoth Hana and Hazem study agriculture and as a couple that pursued their career in it. Their job roles aren’t the usual stereotype of being a doctor or a banker, etc. The level of sophistication of their professions is admirable.

New Faces, New Facets

Here are some Highlights and Facts About "Le'bet Newton"

Via Al MezanAdam El Sharkawy, who is an Egyptian American Actor; is a rising star that gives a vibe similar to that of Mena Massoud. We can describe his performance as epic, due to the portrayal of multi-cultured personality. Two facets, by acting the role of the Egyptian guy, affected by the American lifestyle.

Mohamed Farrag’s Portrayal of a Bizarre Character

Here are some Highlights and Facts About "Le'bet Newton"

Via FacebookxFarrag’s brilliant performance cannot be missed! His character is mysterious, complicated, and we can’t wait for his character to be more revealed.

The Series title

Some news claimed that the original name was meant to be “Ta2ato3 Toro2”.

Portraying Emotional Hunger and Vengeance

  • via DMC

Here’s another highlight of the series. The struggling relationship between Hazem and Hana, with ups and many downs. Yet, the couple is interestingly stressing on a point that is crucial; emotional hunger! This is visible through their harsh fights and then their struggles to rekindle and patch things up. Do you call their relationship toxic or overwhelmed by attachment?

Via Trend VFXFinally, the series contained a very harsh revenge scene, between Hazem and a rival of his, the scene is very tough; yet contained a one-of-a-kind performance.

That’s all for now concerning Le’bet Newton. How do you think will it end? What do you think of the series name?

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