EntertainmentAmina Khalil Takes On Another Controversial Subject for Her Series and We Totally Support Her!

Aren’t you excited as we are to finally see a light and smart representation of a subject that needed to be discussed for so long?
Kholoud EslamApril 23, 2021

Known for taking on roles that actually discuss a thing or two, Amina Khalil plays it smart and not so safe this time with tackling ADHD in her new series.

Via Amina Khalil

In the first two episodes, you only see a highly irritated, angry, nervous person who just can’t seem to get their shit together or stay put for 2 minutes but as the episodes pass, we understand bit by bit the character in front of us. We see a person struggling and who gave up their will to be better but then becomes obliged to do so.
Through Zizi, Amina answers many questions that people should be aware of. What is ADHD to start with? Doesn’t this disorder exist only in children? Is it curable? Where does it even come from?

Even though some answers were loud and clear, we decided to take it on again for you to make sure you didn’t miss a thing.

Via Amina Khalil

ADHD is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a mental disorder where the patient suffers from a combination between hyperactivity and impulsive disorder and problems like paying attention. Most of us think it’s maybe procrastination, lack of responsibility, and super energy trying to manifest itself but it’s not the case especially if it interferes in your everyday life just like our main character. For example, Zizi had trouble focusing while doing normal stuff like a kick-boxing lesson and even try to make it easier for her by writing the steps down. Another clear symptom is a bad temper. The scene that took everyone by surprise and that emerged on every social media platform was the one she hit her husband. We see Amina through the episodes trying to work on her disorder with different coping mechanisms and behavior changes.

We also witness Mariam Naoum taking a smart approach to see where ADHD starts from. We see Tito and the high resemblance between her and Zizi. They both hate their real names; they both hate sitting still and always getting themselves in trouble. Till now, the whole crew has been playing it so smart and discusses an issue that deserves to be discussed among other issues such as long-distance relationships and cheating.

We are all so excited to see where the episodes will take us to. Aren’t you excited as we are to finally see a light and smart representation of a subject that needed to be discussed for so long?

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