EntertainmentAl-Tawoos: Discussing the Obvious Sexual Harassment Dilemma in Egypt Should Not be Worth Cancelling Over

It's funny how they're actually thinking about canceling it!
Abdelrahman RashwanApril 25, 2021347615 min

Sexual harassment was a taboo topic, and still evokes a majority of the Egyptian community. For a long time, we didn’t have a show highlighting sexual harassment since KADYT RAEY AAM has ended. Do you remember how it was so accurate and how the audience interacted with the victims? The series witnessed great success and helped to raise awareness, and shed light on how harassment victims are suffering from dealing with the people and the community itself.

Inspired by real events; the cast consisted of the super talented, Saher El-Saigh along with the Syrian Actor Jamal Soliman as Saher El-Saigh’s lawyer, Samiha Ayob, and Khalid Alish.

The series has facing been facing arguments on social media ever since the promo’s release; because of the resemblance between the show and the infamous Fairmont rape crime. The case still continuous after most of the perpetrators fled outside of Egypt and the rest still are under arrest and are being investigated.

Recently, Egypt’s media regulatory decided to set an urgent investigation considering that the language used in the series is “offensive to Egyptian families’ values”. Until now, the series is being threatened to stop being broadcasted to the public during this Ramadan marathon.

Mona Zaki has taken the initiative to support the series idea and the crew. She set a hashtag “#Support_series_Eltawoos” and then many others actresses and social media users started using the hashtag to prevent the series from being pulled off air.

This kind of content is, in my opinion, is mandatory to raise awareness about harassment and help make our streets safer for women. Especially after a great movement in the last decades towards this issue in Egypt. There was no real dialogue about sexual harassment and how that happens and affects a woman’s life.

Recent campaigns like` ME TOO` and `SPEAK UP` that encourages many girls to speak out to expose and arrest harassers have revolutionized how women perceive sexual harassment and have also taught the perpetrators that there are massive consequences to their actions against women on the streets or even in closed homes.

In your opinion do you think the case deserves to be documented or not?

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