EntertainmentMyriam Fares’s Advertisement for a Resort in the North Coast Provokes Anger Among Egyptians Again

Is it an apology?
Sandy MattaApril 25, 202110934210 min

The Lebanese Singer Myriam Fares topped google searches and became a trend in Egypt after her appearance beside the Egyptian Star Asser Yassin in a New promotional advertisement for Zahra Resort in North Coast presented on the occasion of the month of Ramadan.

The appearance of Fares in the advertisement as an Egyptian has made some attack her on social media, their attack returns to the singer’s previous statement about Egypt in which she stated that she doesn’t perform a lot in Egypt because she’s become “bigger than that”.

The statement was announced by Fares in 2019, during her participation in the Mawazine Festival in Morocco in 2019, and had turned all the Egyptian fans against her; however, soon the Lebanese star has made an explanatory statement apologizing from all the Egyptian fans, saying that she was misunderstood because of her Lebanese accent.

Back again to the new advertisement, some Egyptian stars have interacted with the issue on their social media accounts including Ahmed Shami and Menna Fadali who posted the Lebanese singer’s tweet, in which she is expressing her happiness with the advertisement success in Egypt, on her Instagram account and commented with “Egypt is not happy with you”.

On the other side, Fares has posted on her official social media accounts a video of the advertisement with a comment saying that “Hala Helwa … I enjoyed working on this campaign for the ‘Zahra’ project. I hope that you like the new song… Ramadan Kareem.”

Some Egyptians received this as an apology, or we can say that the song and the whole advertisement were good enough to clear any previous words for them.

Sandy Matta

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