HealthMental Health Should be a Topic Spoken About in Every Household in Egypt!

Leena NasserMay 4, 20217 min

Mental health has been a topic that’s overshadowed in Egypt for decades; we as Egyptians need to understand what is mental health and how it’s important so that we can be able to bring up emotionally stable kids and maybe try to fix ourselves to the better.

What is mental health? Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being; it affects everything we do in our lives, from how we act to how we think and feel. Mental health doesn’t have a specific age as it affects everyone from toddlers to adults. In Egypt, mental health is a topic that’s mostly frowned upon. Most households in Egypt have driven away and not open to the idea of discussing mental health. Parents think it’s of no significance and that there are more important topics to talk about. However, mental health is the most important topic, and people with this fixed mindset need to learn the importance of taking care of their own mental health .as well as, their child’s.

What is the Importance of Mental Health 

Mental health should be a topic spoken in every household in Egypt!

Mental health affects your physical health as any disease does and it should be treated as such, as it can take someone’s life just like a serious physical injury can. For example, depression is a prominent issue that households don’t talk enough about, and that negligence may lead to people attempting to take their own lives as they didn’t receive the help they needed. Your life should be balanced and that means balancing both your mental and physical health as they are both equally important and connected so you can’t just focus on one and expect the other to heal itself.

Mental health affects everything in your life and not taking proper care of it will lead to serious issues that affect you and everyone around you. Here are some examples: your relationship with everyone around you may suffer as you won’t be in the right head-space to maintain your relationships. Not only will your relationship with the people you love deteriorate, but your relationship with yourself will also get destroyed as you may lose interest in things you once enjoyed, time management may fall out, it becomes difficult to concentrate, and your relationship with food may change drastically.

You’re going to go through ups and downs in your life; self-harm may happen, destructive patterns such as alcohol and drug use may also happen, and a suicidal attempt may be the final result. Overall, things will fall apart if Egyptians don’t take mental health seriously.

If you experience any of the things mentioned above, then it’s time to reach out for help.

Never be Ashamed to Seek Help 

Mental health should be a topic spoken in every household in Egypt!

Many people perceive people who have mental issues as ‘crazy people’ and this results in people who actually need help not receiving it. Never be ashamed of seeking help as being a human being is not easy, you go through different thoughts and emotions every second. By seeking help you will begin to find yourself again. People should take the shame of seeking help and turn it into taking pride in honoring their mental health and doing what’s best for it and that starts with seeking help.

By Making mental health a normal thing to talk about in your household. Your house becomes a comfort zone for your children and creates a healthy environment for them. When you feel better, you do better.

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