HealthNadine Ashraf: Did She Really Change the Feminist Movement in Egypt?

Leena NasserMay 5, 20215 min

In Egypt sexual assault is a never-changing cycle; a UN study from 2013 found out that 99% of women experienced sexual harassment or violence, but reporting those incidents was the challenging part; police officers and powerful institutions used to overlook those assault cases. Even close members of the victim used to brush off the case because they felt shame.

How it all began 

In late June of 2020, a girl posted in the AUC Facebook group that there is a sexual predator on campus and that he’s been harassing her and other girls. After a few hours, the post has suddenly been deleted without any explanation. a young female activist saw the post and felt frustrated and disgusted. Out of rage, she created an Instagram account, well known as, assault police and posted about the case. “every time a woman opened her mouth someone taped it shut. I wanted to change that”, said Nadeen Ashraf

Nadine Ashraf: Did She Really Change the Feminist Movement in Egypt?

She posted this hoping she would bring Ahmed Bassam Zaki’s (the one accused of being the sexual predator) to light by calling him out. The next morning she woke up with an overwhelming amount of messages, some applauding her, and some are victims of Mr. Zaki. She started encouraging the victims to go and testify against him, helping the girls by keeping anonymous to the public; only the lawyer and the judge know the identity of the victim. The account contributed to Ahmed Bassam’s case so much to the point that he got arrested after only 5 days of starting the account.

One of the biggest cases assault police has contributed to was the Fairmont case and #حق بسنت فين . she contributed by posting all the information needed to know about both cases. After being threatened (because she shared information about the Fairmont case); she deactivate her account for a couple of days , but she didn’t give up and came up stronger than ever, providing justice for the victims of those cases. Most of the accused rapists are arrested now thanks to assault police and everyone that helped.

Assault police started anonymously but later we knew the great woman behind the screen, Nadeen Ashraf. Assault police is now a voice to anyone sexual harassment along with educating the public and providing resources. Nadeen is now on the BBC’s top 100 women of 2020; she helped women overcome their fear and start telling their experience of what they’ve been through. And that was the push that every woman in Egypt needed to start getting her voice heard and start calling for her rights.

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