FoodWhat is ASMR and What it Does to Your Body When You See or Hear Food Cooking!

It's that shiver that goes down your spine when you see yummy food!
Aya KadryMay 5, 202114 min

Ever heard about the term ASMR? NO?  Believe me, you definitely sensed it one way or another. Not just that; you may have even been mesmerized by it.

You might have got hitched at the tonality or sound of putting the food bowls on the kitchen counter? Or the sizzles of food whilst being cooked. All these aesthetics are categorized to be called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).

What is ASMR and What it Does to Your Body When You See or Hear Food Cooking!

ASMR is a relaxing, sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Also known as “brain massage,” it’s triggered by many things but most importantly by food and utensils sounds!

What is ASMR and What it Does to Your Body When You See or Hear Food Cooking!

ASMR is mainly a feeling of tingles, where you feel you are losing control over your body from the extent of relaxation.

People get the feeling of ASMR from various triggers. Some people enjoy whispering sounds or footsteps, while others admire videos that show mainly routinely mundane tasks such as spraying a water bottle, tapping, stirring a bowl of soup, sizzles of a hot BBQ plate, or crinkling wrapping paper.

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