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The guideline of growing your business became in hand in a virtual form
Sandy MattaMay 22, 20214 min

GaryVee, The Chairman of the communication holding company VaynerX and the CEO of VaynerMedia advertising agency, is going live online for the first time in Egypt, in the 2nd of June, as a feature of the Creative Industry Summit platform, the panelists also are going to include Maha Abouelenein, the Region’s leading Global Communication Expert, the managing director of Organizational Consultants, and founder of Digital & Savvy. The online panel is going to be held at 2:30 pm (in CAI time), and Mai Salama, a founding partner in Creative Industry Summit, is the moderator.

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GaryVee Live for the First Time in Egypt Exclusively with Creative Industry Summit |Features



This feature can be considered as a huge opportunity for those, who are curious about how to grow their business, build their brands, the latest industry trends, and how to cope with downtimes, this is what Creative Industry Summit features are about. 

Creative Industry Summit features

Creative Industry Summit features is a series of online virtual interviews, that facilitate the conversation with Global Business Leaders & Trendsetters, who disrupted & shaped their industries in the different global markets.

Creative Industry Summit

It is worth mentioning that Creative Industry Summit is the Mena Region’s largest platform for supporting creativity in all of its forms, genres, and manifestations. Launched in Egypt in 2014, it has since grown to become Egypt’s and the Middle East’s go-to website for creative inspiration. With 11 incredibly successful events/conferences and a stage that featured some of the world’s leading business trendsetters, top creative minds, entrepreneurs, innovators, tech masters, and many more from diverse fields and sectors ranging from Corporates, Networks, Creative boutiques, Media Groups, NGOs, Startups, Corporations, etc.

The platform also allows its audience to network and connect with their peers as well as business leaders. The platform audience base covers many countries: Egypt, UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, France, Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia, and Canada.

Click here for the Creative Industry Summit’s FB page! Don’t miss out on the event, and be ready with your questions.

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