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No limit for the African music spectrum.
Nour RaafatMay 29, 20216 min

With Africa Day falling on the 25th of May, it’s an annual reminder for us to embrace the musical diversity of our continent. For this special day, Spotify commemorates African music with all its unique voices, challenges, messages as well as its impact on the global stage.

Let's Celebrate African Talents with Spotify for Africa Day!

They’ve got fans from all over the world, from London to Paris and Amsterdam to Sydney, streaming their music on Spotify. The Nigerian singer and songwriter, Burna Boy, saved for himself the title for the most streamed African artist globally, followed by Aya Nakamura, Seether, Wizkid, and Master KG.

And as for Egyptian musicians, the timeless icon Amr Diab has once again made it to the top of the list for the most-streamed Egyptian artists outside of Egypt. It’s no surprise since his songs melodies cross borders and touch people’s hearts from all over the world. “Spotify has allowed so many artists to connect with fans beyond borders and I am glad for that,” Diab tells For The Record, Spotify’s blog.

Let's Celebrate African Talents with Spotify for Africa Day!

In the second place came the Cairo-born producer and instrumentalist Ash whose soothing music is an effortless blend of Middle Eastern & Western influences, creating a unique sound evoking the emotion of familiarity within the listeners.

When it comes to female Egyptian singers, Sherine’s name always makes it to the top ten list, with her heart-wrenching voice and powerful hooks, making her the only woman on the list. Not only that but also her songs “Hobbo Gana” and “El Wattar El Hassas,” are the most streamed songs outside of Egypt.

Top streamed Egyptian artists outside of Egypt  (March-May 2021):

  1. Amr Diab
  2. Ash
  3. Mohamed Ramadan
  4. Mohamed Hamaki
  5. Aly & Fila
  6. Tamer Hosny
  7. Hamza Namira
  8. Sherine
  9. Hassan Shakosh
  10. Ramy Sabry

Spotify has always been a platform for musicians of any genre and background to showcase their talent for millions of international listeners, as it’s a tool that helps them build their audience and gain insight to best promote themselves.

“Africa is one of the most diverse music powerhouses in the world and today we are celebrating sounds from Egypt to Nigeria. With over 356 million global listeners, Spotify will continue to leverage the power of its reach to connect fans and African artists in ways which were not possible before and enhance the discovery of their music outside of their home countries,” says Rami Mohsen, Spotify’s Head of Music for the Middle East and North Africa.

To take the celebration a step further and bring listeners from all over the world to one place and help them discover African talents, Spotify has dedicated Spotify’s Global X playlist for Africa Day which will be running for a whole week starting from the 24th of May. The playlist includes Lady Du (South Africa), DaVido (Nigeria, Sarkodie (Ghana), Nadia Mukami (Kenya), ElGrandeToto (Morocco), Mohammed Ramadan (Egypt), and Diamond Platinumz (Tanzania). As a method of Spotify’s Global Cultures Initiative to promote culturally diverse music from around the world, the Global X playlist is a vital part of the initiative and something music lovers shouldn’t miss out on.

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