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The last few days have been golden for mental health awareness in Egypt. Mental health has become one of the most discussed subjects in Egyptian society after it has been a social taboo for so long; whether it’s because of the social media impact or different shows focusing a certain light on the importance of mental health and therapy.

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But what we must discuss is how did mental health lately become a way of fooling people and simply a way of making money?
To know so, we will have to answer a very important question.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a life coach?
To break it simply for you: a psychiatrist studies mental health but has a medical degree that qualifies him to prescribe medications alongside the normal one on one session.

The psychologist studies mental health behavior and will help you observe yourself and the origin of your behavior but he’s not qualified to prescribe you any medication.

As for the life coach, it’s simply a lifestyle guru that helps you live your life better.

Do you want to know how people added their touch to this field? Anyone now is a life coach, even though it requires a degree or a diploma. Also, some psychologists prescribe medications even though they’re not qualified to do so. For some, it became a way of income even though one wrong prescription can make the patient’s life a living hell because, in mental health, you won’t find your body itching for example so you will know something is wrong. No, you will discover it the hard way and you can even suffer more until you do so because you will look at the treatment they offered you like the life jacket that has been thrown at you last minute, so you will try with every breath to make it work, but the life jacket has a hole in it and you didn’t know until later or maybe even a bit too late.

Many and many platforms have been offering mental health services but what we need the most is the awareness and the awareness that mental health shouldn’t only be accessible but also affordable. One of the firsts that were taking the matter in hand and deserve the first mention are:

Lilac is Real


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Other than being an Instagram page explaining mental disorders in the simplest ways ever and helping people overcome the stigma of behavior disorders and seeking help. They started to make collaborations with many mental health centers to have a discount on the session’s price throughout your journey which helps especially with the fact that therapy is not affordable for everyone and it can be really expensive. Kudos to you people for making a change!

Cairo Confessions


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Not only Lilac is Real that got this idea but also Cairo confessions did. A hidden feature in the Cairo confessions community is the therapy they offer. A group of professionals has made a deal with them where they offer their clients a “CC discount” on sessions. Even though it’s not a big number of doctors, the initiative itself should be saluted and we hope others join them.

Mersal Foundation

Another platform that deserves all of our respect and love is Mersal Foundation. Like we have been saying, mental health in Egypt is not cheap and many people decide to not seek it from the start because of their inability to afford it that’s why Mersal stepped up but really big this time. How? A 100% free Mental Health Service. You heard it right, if you can’t afford it, you can just book an appointment with a specialist and they will help you. The foundation itself counts 100% on donations, that’s why they need all the donations possible to stay afloat. So please donate to them so that they can keep up with the number of cases seeking help.

Other platforms and clinics that group specialists for you are :

1- Takestep

Via Takestep

An online platform that groups a big number of professionals in one place with reasonable prices and with all the data you will need to know who you’re speaking with and if he’s qualified to help you. Each doctor will have a portfolio to back up his words and each patient will have a portfolio to be updated with his progress and mental history. Even though the website in the beta version, we look forward to it being launched in its last version since they have been on the scene helping more than 15,000 patients to take the first step towards balanced mental health. Also, they have been helping over 260,000 beneficiaries since the beginning of the pandemic. They were the ones behind the mental assessment that took place in AUC and El Araby after the pandemic touched all of us on a mental level.

2- Shezlong

Via Shezlong

Shezlong is one of the platforms that have been around for so long. A platform where you can find a good number of professionals along with their contact, their clinic’s address, and people’s reviews.

Even though it’s considered a victory that a large part of the Egyptian population is becoming aware of the importance of mental health, we still have a long way to go especially to make it accessible for all. Let’s all help as much as possible to make the “Make it affordable” initiative a reality.
Also if it’s your first time going to a therapist, make sure to see reviews to avoid being a victim of any fraud imposing doctor and bear in mind that what works for others won’t necessarily work for you and that finding the right therapist can take some time so be patient, be vigilant and take care of yourselves people.

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