PoliticsWe Know that there is Racism Amongst the English Royal Family, But is it to this Extent?

Aya KadryJune 11, 20215 min

And the Buckingham palace hits again.

For the year 2021, the palace and the whole royal family have been criticized for some issues that can’t be denied.

Remember the hassle when Megan Markle opened up through her interview with Oprah?

Via Cnbc

Markle explained that there were several “concerns and conversations about how dark her son’s skin might be when he was born”.

This was one of the most stunning epiphanies from an explosive interview. It posed a huge critique of the royal family. And we thought that was it. However, another bombshell stroke recently! Once again there were recently discovered documents that re-threaten to fire a racism scandal around Buckingham Palace.

The new bombshell document. 

Buckingham palace
Via Standard.co.uk

The revealing of old historical document states:

The royal family had a ban on employing “colored immigrants or foreigners” in clerical roles until at least the late 1960s. It is also exempt from laws preventing race and sex discrimination even to this day.

Clerical: bureaucratic or administrative job roles.

“The papers were discovered at the National Archives as part of the Guardian’s ongoing investigation into the royal family’s use of an arcane parliamentary procedure, known as Queen’s consent, to secretly influence the content of British laws.”

Via The Guardian.

In 1968, the Queen’s chief financial manager informed civil servants that “it was not, in fact, the practice to appoint colored immigrants or foreigners to clerical roles in the royal household”, although they were permitted to work as domestic servants!

Plain and simple, Buckingham palace banned ethnic minorities from office roles since ancient history. Not just that, Prince William was the first of royal blood to shed light on that crisis.

The independent’s 2017 article.

First black equerry
Via The independent

What’s more, there are no records of colored people working at the palace during the past times. There’s an article by the independent titled:

“Queen Elizabeth hires first ever black assistant”

Dated Sunday 09 July 2017 10:11

The article stated that a new personal assistant selected by the Queen called Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah. The man is to achieve the title as the first black equerry in the WHOLE British history.

So from the 60’s up until 2017; how many people were discriminated against due to their race and ethnicity?

When will Humans get rid of racism?

How amusing that humans are discriminated against due to different colors! When will this end? The issue is always a trending topic in different places, worldwide. Whatsoever, this time it’s a royal accusation!

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