TechnologyThe Emergence of InDriver in Egypt: a New Challenge for Uber’s Customers’ Loyalty

Now, Uber has a fierce competition!
Sandy MattaJune 17, 20215 min

Several months ago, a new ride-hailing app called InDriver, has made its way into the Egyptian market. InDriver is a Russian Ride-Hailing service that offers its users and drivers a new feature, that may not be offered by other services, which Is the ability to negotiate the price of the trip.

Customers specify their destination and the fee they are ready to pay when seeking a ride. Drivers are then notified of the offer and are allowed to counter with their pricing. Customers can browse different offers with characteristics such as car type, driver rating, and projected arrival time after the pricing has been agreed upon.

The Emergence of InDriver in Egypt: a new challenge for Uber's customers' loyalty

This is How InDriver was born in Russia:

In the Russian city of Yakutsk, it was the 2012 New Year holidays (the coldest city in the world). Temperatures plummeted to –45°C. People were more likely to take cabs as a result of this. The city’s taxi operators used the chance to hike their charges to unreasonable levels.

The Emergence of InDriver in Egypt: a new challenge for Uber's customers' loyalty

This angered the students throughout the city. As a result, they decided to start their ride-hailing club on VK, a Russian social media platform. The group was given the name Independent Drivers (indrivers). Members of the organization would post their routes as well as the amount of money they were willing to pay. Drivers would then contact them and accomplish their requests.

Six months later, the group had grown to 60 000 members (and that number continued to grow every day). The group shifted to the firm a year after its formation, which built a high-tech peer-to-peer transportation service based on the group’s model.

The question here is: Does InDriver existence in Egypt test the loyalty of Uber’s users as the biggest ride-hailing service in Egypt today?

Recently, Uber’s users have been complaining about the rise of Uber trip pricing, problems related to the drivers’ behavior, and the customer care, who are supposed to deal with these issues. This drove many users to try using a new service as InDriver, which may save them from Uber’s problems.

The Emergence of InDriver in Egypt: a new challenge for Uber's customers' loyalty

However, opinions about InDriver were divided on social media discussions. Some users who have tried the service talked positively about the experience, and they believe that it is safer than Uber. While others faced some issues regarding the pricing and complained that drivers not knowing the roads.

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