ArtFrom Being a Pharmacist to Designing Pink Floyd’s Album Cover Artwork: Meet Ahmed Emad Eldin

Surrealism art with an Egyptian touch.
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In 2014, the world was taken by surprise when the album cover artwork of Pink Floyd’s The Endless River was revealed to have been designed by an 18-year-old Egyptian artist, Ahmed Emad Eldin. In the following year, Ahmed was chosen by Adobe to be among their “25 Under 25” list.

From Pharmacy to Designing Pink Floyd’s Album Cover Artwork, Meet Ahmed Emad Eldin
Via: Ultimate Classic Rock

Ahmed has also designed album cover artworks for one of Japan’s most internationally successful bands MONO, Massar Egbari, and Hamza Namira.

Ahmed’s realm of surreal designs isn’t limited to album cover artworks, he even produced poster art for movies such as Clash, Stray, Pause, Elmada Sem, Debbie & Doug Drop Acid in the Desert, Mako, and Heavy Rain which enabled him to earn the award of Best Poster at Oniros Film Awards 2018.

One of his artworks was also included in Dream On, a TV commercial celebrating 25 years of Adobe Photoshop. The commercial aired during the Academy Award Oscars 2015 ceremony.

25 Years of Adobe Photoshop – Dream On from Satellite Office on Vimeo.

As a way to celebrate Egyptian talents, we spoke to Ahmed and asked him about his inspirations, what he does when he’s faced with an art block, and his future projects.

For those who might not be familiar, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Ahmed Emad Eldin, a 24-year-old Egyptian pharmacist, and artist. I love art and I love creating it, it makes me feel alive!

As an artist, what inspires you most?

My life and my surroundings. Everything inspires me, the details in everything around me. I’m an overthinker and that’s what opens another door to get inspiration from. Although overthinking is a bad thing and it’s exhausting, everything still has good inside of it.

Do you have a personal favorite artist and could you tell us how they influence your works or your process of creating an artwork?

From Pharmacy to Designing Pink Floyd’s Album Cover Artwork, Meet Ahmed Emad Eldin
Via: Facebook

I love Salvador Dali! He influenced my choice of surreal art. And since I’m a digital artist, the process is different but the process of getting the concept is actually the same.

Among your artworks, which one do you cherish most? And why?

It’s really hard to choose only one because, in every piece, there is a piece of me… my thoughts and feelings.

If you would describe your artworks to someone who almost knows nothing about art, what would you say?

It’s something that describes how your soul looks in certain situations. Something that turns emotions and thoughts into something visual… a physical thing that anyone can see.

When you get an art block, do you have a specific routine or a specific source of inspiration you turn to so that you get back on track?

From Pharmacy to Designing Pink Floyd’s Album Cover Artwork, Meet Ahmed Emad Eldin
Via: aeeart

Usually, I don’t rush myself into creating art just because I should. I give myself some time to rest; maybe watch a film, read an article, or play a game that I like.

Your collaborations with musicians ranging from Pink Floyd to Massar Egbari to MONO, can you tell us how you were able to bring their visions to life?

From Pharmacy to Designing Pink Floyd’s Album Cover Artwork, Meet Ahmed Emad Eldin
Via: aeeart

It’s all about visualizing the feel of the music and its purpose into an image.

You also designed posters for movies such as Clash, is there a difference between designing album artwork and a movie poster?

Of course. In movie posters, you already have a visual as a reference but it’s still hard to interpret it into a single visual artwork. In album art, it’s a matter of what you feel about what you’re listening to as well as the overall concept and message that you need to highlight.

You graduated with a degree in Pharmacy yet you decided to focus more on graphic design, did you face any difficulties regarding this career shift?

Never! I was learning and working while I was still in college, and I loved doing both. I really love science, but I love creating art much more!

You said you started using photoshop at 9 and became an artist at 13, do you still remember the reason why you had a passion for art at such an age?

From Pharmacy to Designing Pink Floyd’s Album Cover Artwork, Meet Ahmed Emad Eldin
Via: Behance

Yes! I started by creating websites and forums and I needed to have a designer with me so I learned Photoshop to create whatever I wanted, and then I fell in love with Photoshop more than anything.

What is your vision for the future and is there a change you want to achieve within the field here in Egypt?

Egypt has such amazing creative people and it always feels good to work with them. There’s nothing that I want to change, except for having more directions and styles.

What is your advice for beginners in the field?

Work every day, whenever you have time! Learn something every day and try it the next day. You’re never bigger than learning, no one is.

Lastly, do you have a project you’re working on that people should be looking forward to?

In August, I will take part in a huge exhibition with Pink Floyd. It will be held at Vogue Multicultural Museum in Los Angeles.

You can find Ahmed and follow him for more amazing designs on:

Instagram, Facebook, Behance, Official Website

Nour Raafat

Studying mass communication by day, having tea with Murakami by night. Nour goes back and forth between Cairo and Dubai which makes her curious about the diverse cultures in the world!

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