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The zippers work smoothly, the material is perfect and both sleeping bags are lined with multiple layers.
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Stepping into motherhood was a real thrilling journey, and the use of “thrilling” is meant to include all the feelings a human can have at the same time! Without getting too deep about motherhood, it hit me real fast that once you become a mommy, you will appreciate any help you get and any product that makes your life easier. As many of you heard about our #chatterersgoinglocal ongoing campaign, when I was looking for baby products, I was happily introduced to all the local brilliant brands that cater to mothers and babies, such as Snugglez.

Via Snugglez

To give you a little bit of background, the basics that you get to learn regarding babies’ safe sleeping is that you should not use covers, blankets, or anything that can lead to choking hazards, especially in the first months. Adding to that, when you have to change the diapers multiple times during the night, with the baby sleeping in a onesie with dozens-maybe trillions- of clips, it’s not a fun thing to do, let alone when you are half awake.

I knew I had to find a solution as fast as I can to make one of the tasks a bit easier, so I found out about “Sleeping Bags,” and the moment I saw the long zippers, I was sold out already. I searched for quite a while, and I found that they were mostly from abroad, and as Instagram’s algorithm keeps track of our searches, the “Snugglez” page appeared in front of me. I found what I was looking for, in my time of desperation, and I instantly clicked with the sweet owner, Sawsan Mokhtar, who is an inspiring mother, a fellow academic achiever, and a local business owner.

Well, from my experience, trying both the heavier/lighter walking onesies, I can’t find anything negative to say! The zippers work smoothly, the material is perfect and both sleeping bags are lined with multiple layers. The finishing is as the ready-made ones we buy from the well-known stores. The packaging came in the sweetest way possible, as Sawsan writes the names of the babies, welcoming them to the Snugglez family!

Overall, the whole experience was super easy, comforting, and happy. I took the liberty afterward to get inspired by Sawsan and I asked her a few questions about Snugglez and her journey. So, without more rambling from me, here are her answers:

What inspired you to start “Snugglez”?

Like many new moms, I found myself struggling with postpartum depression a few months after giving birth to my son. My life had completely changed, from a full-time academic career to full-time house and baby duties. I thought I had to find something to give me a little sense of achievement.

Via Snugglez

Why did you choose Sleeping Bags specifically?

I had one that I brought for my son from abroad. We used it every day for the first 6 months. After he outgrew it, I realized that Sleeping Bags are not commonly available here in Egypt. Every time I saw someone asking for them, I found people recommending they get them from abroad. I realized there was a gap in the market, and aimed to provide a product to fill it. I also realized how important they are and was determined to raise awareness on the importance of using Sleeping Bags instead of regular baby blankets (which are a suffocation hazard for babies under 1-year-old).

Via Snugglez

How do you balance between “Snugglez” and your mommy chores?

That’s the most challenging part I guess. I mostly exploit the time in which my son is asleep. I usually do anything related to Snugglez at nap time and at the 2-3 hours after my son’s bedtime. That’s why I value his sleep too much, it gives me some free time to do something I’m really passionate about.

Via Snugglez

Is there a specific size/age that you cater for?

We currently carry sizes up to 4 years old, with plans to provide bigger sizes as long as there’s demand for them.

Via Snugglez

 What’s your personal advice to new moms

Try to adapt. I was one of those moms who thought that my time and my life will never be really mine again. It took me longer than I expected to learn how to cater to my child’s needs, as well as mine. So my advice would be: Try to adapt, always ask for help when you need it, and always find a way to get some “me-time” (this one goes a long way!)

Via Snugglez

Will there be new products soon?

Yes, definitely inshallah. There are so many ideas. We release new products every now and then. Things would sometimes take longer than expected, but we all know that when you’re a mom nothing ever gets done on time!

Via Snugglez

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