HealthHere’s Why You Should Never Look for Healthy Plates on Instagram!

Are the plates found on Instagram as healthy as they look?
Sandy MattaAugust 2, 20214 min

Instagram could be a good place for you to find some fashion trends, outfit ideas, or even unique pieces of furniture, but your healthy lifestyle and nutrition should not be based on some posted pictures of nice-looking plates that are claimed to be healthy.

Many Instagram users, especially those who are concerned about healthy lifestyle, losing or gaining weight, and their body shape always look for meals on Instagram; they follow bloggers who post some meals, recipes on their accounts, and sometimes they share what they eat daily in a post called a full day of eating including breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks, those users also sometimes compare themselves and their bodies with those of the bloggers who they follow.

Why shouldn’t you look for healthy plates on Instagram

What was mentioned above could affect one’s health in a bad way, or it could affect his/her diet badly and stopping him from losing weight; because the diet plan of the bloggers the users follow doesn’t fit him. Some Instagram bloggers follow a very restricted diet or eat very low-calorie food, and if anyone follows this diet, or eats in the same way without know if this fits him or no, he could put his body in great danger; because what works with someone could not work with the other. Another point is some plates may look healthy from the outside; however, they could have too many sugars or contain hundreds of calories.

Why shouldn’t you look for healthy plates on Instagram

So, how can you use Instagram for the benefit of your diet?

You can make use of Instagram to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle by trying to find more credible accounts, maybe professional doctors pages who share some general tips for losing or gaining weight or even for maintenance; tips like drinking more water, eat more fibers, and exercise daily, these general tips could work with everybody, or you can follow some gyms or coaches’ pages where exercising tips or challenges are posted to help you work out at home.

Another helpful tip that could make Instagram safe for your healthy lifestyle, is to unfollow any page that posts unhealthy food pictures, sweets, restaurant recommendations, I know it’s a hard step, but trust me it will help, on the other side, start following other pages that may be more helpful for you in your diet journey.

Sandy Matta

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