SportHow To Stay Safe During the Pandemic in The Gym!

5 tips for returning back to the gym
Sandy MattaAugust 2, 20214 min

Going to the gym during the pandemic of Covide-19 might be a little bit risky for some people who used to go there regularly before.

After Gyms were shut down during the first wave of the virus as a part of the preventive measures took by the Egyptian government to limit the spread of the infection, some people were forced to stop going to the gym, while many athletes have adapted to the situation and began to work out at home, and others chose to exercise in public parks like Merryland Public Park in Heliopolis.

5 Safety Tips to Follow at The Gym During the Pandemic

Now after Gyms are reopened under some restricted safety regulations determined by the government; like reducing the capacity, re-organizing equipment in a way that keeps the social distancing, and sanitizing all equipment after each use, many people went back to their usual routine at their gyms, while others still hesitate about going back.

If you decided of going to the gym before the Coronavirus ends, here are some 5 safety tips you need to consider for your safety:

  • Keep your face mask while exercising

Although it is still unclear whether it is healthy to exercise with your face mask on or not, certainly wearing a face mask in closed crowded areas is highly important for your safety during Corona Virus.

  • Make sure that you take a sanitizer with you

Taking a sanitizer with you in your sports bag nowadays is even more important than taking your cell phone, and always make sure to use it between using one piece of equipment and the other.

  • Keep social distancing

Keep enough distance between you and others is very important at the gym, so you can reduce the risk of getting infected or transfer the infection if you or another person are carrying the virus.

  • Remember that gym is not a place for Chit-Chat especially during this time

Go to your home directly after finishing your exercising schedule; this will be safer for you.

  • Take your gym essentials with you

Borrowing things at the gym could be risky during the pandemic; as we try to limit the direct contact with others, so try not to forget anything starting with your bottle of water till your headphones.

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