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How online shopping helps during Coronavirus
Sandy MattaAugust 2, 20217 min

The spread of the coronavirus had its impact on both customers and businesses regarding online shopping in Egypt; after the lockdown measures imposed by the Egyptian government, and as a result of the feelings of fear and panic that people had at that time, grocery stores and supermarkets became so crowded by people who wanted to buy their essentials for their families and make sure that there will be no shortage of anything they could need while staying at homes.

The Flourishing of Online Shopping in Egypt after the Pandemic of Covid-19

This made many people search for alternatives for meeting their needs, and here came the role of businesses who realized the importance of online shopping especially during the pandemic time, and how businesses succeed in managing their online presence, reflects their success in dealing with the pandemic.

Online shopping is not a new phenomenon in the world or even in Egypt; however, it became more flourishing and more popular among Egyptians during the pandemic; and we don’t mean here groceries or essentials only, it also includes clothes, furniture, food home delivery, and even household goods.

It is believed that a huge change has happened to the customers’ buying habits and purchasing behavior; the idea of buying online became widely accepted among them, and this change from many expert’s points of view, is not temporary and is expected to continue after the pandemic is over.

The Flourishing of Online Shopping in Egypt after the Pandemic of Covid-19

“We have seen a major change in consumer purchasing patterns, with a significant shift toward eCommerce. We may claim that since March 11, when the World Health Organization announced COVID-19 a global pandemic, eCommerce revenues for Egyptian merchants have doubled.” Said Ahmed Nagy, managing director of eMarketing Egypt, the Middle East’s leading digital consulting agency.

According to a Mastercard report, 72 percent of Egyptian consumers have increased their online shopping since the outbreak began. The most significant increases in online participation have been in fashion, electronics, healthcare, and groceries. More than (62%) Egyptian consumers said they had shopped online for clothes, (56%) for computer equipment, and more than (55%) said they had purchased medicine online.

As reported by Nile FM, companies like Amazon, Souq, and Jumia have reported a great increase in the number of their online shoppers, Souq has reported a great shift in their customers’ behavior; before the pandemic beauty products, clothing, and fashion categories in general dominated sales; however after the outbreak groceries, hygiene, disinfectants, cleaning products, and school supplies are the most bought items; highlighting that households are increasingly turning to online shopping for the weekly necessities normally bought from offline stores.

In an article published by Ahram Online about online shopping after corona, Yousra Youssef who is a new mum said that she recently turned to online shopping “out of concerns for her baby’s health.”

It can be concluded that shopping online is not limited; today there is almost nothing cannot be found online including clothes, food, grocery, electronics, and healthy measures related products, and here are some websites of offline fashion stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and applications that have been introduced with the beginning of the pandemic or were exist and became even more popular among users:

Defacto Egypt
LC Waikiki Egypt Online
H&M Egypt Online Store
Marsool Egypt
Adidas Egypt
Massimo Dutti Egypt
Azza Fahmy

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