TravelAll Trains in Egypt Will Operate with Zero Passengers in Their Last Car … Why you Say?

It's kind of obvious, isn't it?

A source at the Egyptian National Railways confirmed that all the last carriages of the Air conditioned trains will operate without passengers, pointing out that the evacuation decision came to preserve the lives of passengers from accidents that the trains witness from time to time.

All Trains in Egypt Will Operate with Zero Passengers in Their Last Car ... Why you Say?

Air conditioning carts installation

The source added, in an exclusive statement to “Ahl Masr”, that a decision was also issued by the head of the authority to install air-conditioning cars at the end of the train instead of at the front of the train. In the interest of the authority that there would be no injuries in the event of a malfunction in this vehicle, noting that these trains apply to all distinguished trains, which contain second and first-class air-conditioned vehicles, and this decision was implemented a month ago in all trains.

Preserving the lives and safety of passengers

He pointed out that the offer of these measures is to preserve the lives and safety of passengers during their travel by trains and the absence of losses or injuries as a result of accidents in the railways, explaining that before facilitating the travel of trains to which these conditions are applied, passengers are warned not to take the last carriage through loudspeakers. The sound located inside the stations, then the comsari rides accompanied by the security guard responsible for the train, and the main and central doors that connect the carriages are squared, making sure that they are closed permanently because there are no passengers inside.

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