HealthMan Arrested in Cairo After Video of Street Harassment of Woman Goes Viral

Justice well served!

Let’s be honest, we all watched that video of the man who slapped a woman in the middle of the streets of Cairo and if it didn’t provoke you as it did to us, then maybe you are not a normal human being?

We refrained from sharing the video at that time, but now that the man has been arrested we will share the video here so that you can know what we are talking about.

Security authorities in Egypt have arrested a young man accused of sexually harassed a woman while she was walking in a Cairo neighborhood with her 10-year-old child.

The man was arrested after a video of the incident went viral on Facebook.

According to investigations, the accused uttered obscene words to the woman, who screamed for help to passersby.

Four people, including a man over 60, rushed to the woman to help her and held the man until police arrived. Some also beat the man, the victim told the police.

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