PoliticsBoat Carrying 70 Egyptian Illegal Immigrants Capsizes Killing 11 So Far

Such a sad story, and we sure do hope they find the missing ones alive. 

Yet another tragic story of Egyptians trying to flee the country to find work abroad ended in a tragedy. Being the ramblers that we are, there’re a lot of things that we can say that will revolve around Ignorance, Uneducation, and lack of proper security.

epa05551285 Relatives of missing persons of a capsized boat gather as they wait for rescue workers, at the port city of Rosetta, some 250km north of Cairo, Egypt, 21 September 2016. According to Egypt’s health ministry, 42 people died after a boat carrying migrants capsized. The number of passengers on board is not yet confirmed with media reporting between 300 and 600. EPA/MAHMOUD TAHA EGYPT OUT

Just one night, grief swept the homes of an entire village on the outskirts of Dakahlia Governorate after a boat illegally carrying over 70 people capsized off the Mediterranean Sea on Friday. As you’d assume that they were trying to head off to Italy in search of a decent life other than the one they have in their home country. Leaving their families behind with nothing but sadness and grief.

According to Egypt Independent, Awad Hassan, father of one of the missing, said: “I do not know anything about my son. If he is dead, I want his body. If he is alive, please reassure me.”

Hassan added: “My son (Ahmed) is 19 years old, and he traveled on June 26 to Libya, through Mohamed Abu Samra, a broker residing in Libya, and his brother who got from me LE 23,350 and LE 2,500 once he arrives. My son spoke to me and reassured me that he had arrived in Libya, and he sat in storage, until August 21, and embarked on the boat, and since then I have not heard anything about him.”

“All we know is that the boat sank.”

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