Health12 Dead and 34 Injured in a Bus Crash on Cairo-Suez Road

It’s always sad for us when we come to report the news about a certain accident that managed to take the life of pure, innocent people here in Egypt, or even around the world. It’s a tragedy that none of us would wish on our worst enemies.

12 Dead and 34 Injured in a Bus Crash on Cairo-Suez Road

We always come to imagine that why these people were traveling; some may be on their way to see a loved one, a family gathering, or someone for example who was traveling to study or improve himself for that certain job he was seeking after.

But this bus in particular was a tourist bus that overturned and collided against a concrete barrier taking the lives of 12 people and another 34 injured.

Security officials said in a statement that the bus was carrying about 60 people, all of them families and relatives, who were returning from Sharm el-Sheikh from Cairo.

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