Politics‘We Are no Longer Afraid’: Anti-Coup Protesters in Sudan Gear up for Mass Rallies

Organizers hope to hold a ‘million-strong’ march against the coup; UN calls for military to show restraint toward demonstrators; US says death toll higher than official figures

There’s is this region in the MENA region that has been totally forgotten about. It has always been forgotten because it was not a stable region, to begin with. But since that events have evolved in a drastic world, we seized the opportunity to write about it for all those who nothing about it.

Sudanese anti-coup protesters were planning mass demonstrations Saturday against a military takeover that has derailed the country’s transition to civilian rule and triggered deadly clashes.

‘We Are no Longer Afraid’: Anti-Coup Protesters in Sudan Gear up for Mass Rallies

The power grab has sparked a chorus of international condemnation, with the US and the United Nations urging Sudan’s military leaders to show restraint. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan — Sudan’s de facto leader since the 2019 ouster of veteran autocrat Omar al-Bashir after huge youth-led protests — led Monday’s takeover.

He has dissolved the country’s civilian-led government, ordered the detention of a number of top civilian officials, and declared a nationwide state of emergency.

At least eight protesters have been killed and some 170 wounded in clashes with security forces, who have fired tear gas, live rounds, and rubber-tipped bullets, according to medics.

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