TechnologyEgypt and Russia in Talks of Investment in Cybersecurity

The talks have increased between the two countries about cybersecurity and similar fields. Especially when it comes to digital capabilities and providing technological solutions so that they can strengthen the relationship between both countries. The meeting also dealt with investments in the Egyptian ICT Sector.

Egypt and Russia in Talks of Investment in Cybersecurity

Egypt has always been eyeing entering the world of Cybersecurity and ethical hacking. With all the banking hacks and other incidents that we probably do not know anything about, the government just realized how important it is to invest a huge bulk of the money into their web existence and keep it safe from hackers. And what better country to collaborate with than Russia. Cybersecurity is a thing now that countries all over the world invest billions on.

Mr. Talaat, Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology has should extreme excitement. And is longing for more collaborations with the Russian government in regards to cybersecurity.

Egypt has also been trying to move everything to digital. digital money, digital governmental institutions, etc. We certainly applaud them for that. But we sure do hope that the implementation of such a plan is made correctly or it will certainly backfire.

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