LifestyleHeavy Rain and Cloudy Skies in Cairo and Giza … So Take Caution!

Is your umbrella nearby? Because “Khalas” the floods are coming back and we need to be extra prepared this year. This is the first time during this winter that we would witness such heavy rains or clouds. If you happen to live in October or Zayed, you would’ve noticed that the sun didn’t shine today. Due to the heavy clouds that is. Gave us that apocalyptic vibes we watch in movies!

Heavy Rain and Cloudy Skies in Cairo and Giza ... So Take Caution!

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA) revealed that the latest satellite images indicate rainy thunder clouds on separate areas of the northern coasts, Lower Egypt, Delta, south and west Cairo, accompanied by rainfall.

Today is witnessing a state of unstable weather, where temperature degrees decline. And we’re not really sure if that will go on all week. But come on it’s already the 20th of November, the weather should colder than that!

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