HealthSchool Meals Suspended in Qena After 50 Students Were Poisoned

Supervision, Supervision, Supervision!

We’re really sad that we are bearers of this terrible news. But sadly, we live in a country with little, to no, supervision when it comes to these kinds of issues. The intentions are always good, but the supervision is not there at all. This actually reminds me of all the lives taken because of the negligence of one man who was supposed to operate the train’s rail. He fell asleep they said!

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Ashraf al-Daoudy, the governor of Qena, has ordered to stop serving meals at schools after 50 students were poisoned. It’s a primary school, located in Nag Hammadi. He added that samples of the food will be sent to the ministry of health for examination. An investigation will be opened to punish who was responsible.

According to the Ministry of Health, 30 students have already gone home, but the remaining 20 are still under observation. Daoudy added that the health condition of the poisoned students was stable and very reassuring, and all necessary medical care has been administered.

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