LifestyleThinking About Polygamy? Well, The Government is Advising You to Think Again!

Big Ramy ... It's you we blame!

If you are one of those guys, who thinks of himself as a superhero and can handle polygamy, then you’re in bad luck. Why, you say? It’s because that the government just decided to penalize all those who would polygamy without the permission of the first wife. “Permission” as in written consent that she is ok with it. So, best of luck amigo!

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If you need a person to blame for this, go and blame our Mr. Olympia, Big Ramy, who went ahead and got married without the consent of his first wife which lead the Egyptian parliament to discuss the issue.
The House of Representatives is debating means to limit marital polygamy as the public has strongly expressed mixed opinions about the controversial issue. Well, I know that if you’re against that decision you’ll play the religion card, and we do agree. But did it say anything about the first wife’s consent? There is a huge difference between Shariaa’ law and man-made law (which is based on Shariaa in Islamic countries)
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