TravelEgypt Ranks As 2nd Best Diving Destination Worldwide in 2021

Some old news that makes us happy!
Nahla AmerNovember 27, 20211 min

This one just makes us happy every year. Because duh, Egypt does have the best beaches and best diving sites that the world has to offer. But just being recognized for it every year makes us prouder and prouder. We’ve been considered the 2nd best since 2019.

Egypt Ranks As 2nd Best Diving Destination Worldwide in 2021

Just in case you’re wondering who decides who gets the trophy it’s according to the annual poll of the British “Dive Travel” magazine, one of the famous international diving magazines. It’s like the Rolling Stones for divers everywhere in the world.

In a related context, “Xinhua” agency said that Hurghada in Egypt has become a favorite tourist destination.

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