HealthNew COVID19 Variant “Omicron” Puts the Whole World in Fear Once More!

We just hope that they contain the situation before it gets too late!
Mohamed FouadNovember 27, 202112 min

Just when you start to feel that everything is going to be getting back to normal, you open up the news and find out that a new variant has risen and it’s slightly more dangerous than all the previous variants. Whenever you just want to get out of the game “THEY PULL YOU BACK IN”!

New COVID19 Variant "Omicron" Puts the Whole World in Fear Once More!

The newest variant “Omicron” is said to have come out of South Africa. And you know that things are getting too serious when countries start dropping travel bans to countries. Right now, South Africa is on top of every country’s list including Egypt.

With the emergence of the new mutant in South Africa, the borders began to be closed. As several European countries decided on Friday to suspend flights from this country. While other countries, including Japan, imposed quarantine. Also, Egypt decided to halt all flights from the country.

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