LifestyleWant to Attend This Year’s WYF? Here’s What You’ve Got to Do!

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Salma KhattabNovember 29, 20212 min

A lot of youths around the world wait all year long for any event where they can showcase their work, their ideas, and look for people who can support them. Gladly, every year, Egypt gets to host the WYF, where people from all around the globe get to meet and share their experiences.

Want to Attend This Years WYF? Here’s What You’ve Got to Do!

So, and as we wrote before that this year the WYF will be taking place in January 2022 and it couldn’t be easier to apply.

Here’s all you’ve got to do: All you have to do is file an application on this website here and wait for them to respond. They usually do not take time to approve your request, but make sure you do it as early as possible because there are only a few spaces to fill.

Make sure that you follow their social media platforms for more news.

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