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Severe precautions should be taken!
Kholoud EslamNovember 29, 20213 min

It seems like whoever said that “The solution to every problem is another problem” was right. I don’t know how this proverb fits the situation, but it just seems that we are in this loophole that has no end. So, a couple of days ago we reported about the most recent COVID-19 variant and how dangerous it is. It evolved from South Africa. But just in a few days’ time, other countries around the world have discovered cases from Omicron within their cities. Here's Our Current Situation on the New Variant Omicron

The question that we might be asking ourselves now is that how will this new strain “Omicron” will affect the world. Is it too late to apply for quarantines and travel bans? Is it fatal? or is it just a simple strain like the ones we faced before. Well, I came across a quote from an official yesterday that said “what we know about Omicorn is that we don’t know anything about Omicron”.

However, and just a few minutes ago, WHO has stated the following: “Omicron’s very emergence is another reminder that although many of us might think we’re done with Covid-19, it’s not done with us,”

WHO warns omicron poses ‘very high’ global risk as variant spreads.

That puts us in a pickle! Because it should be WHO who we follow for advice when it comes to this. But their advice is just horrifying. Let’s hope that it’s not as bad as they claim it is.

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