HealthEgypt’s Al-Sisi Announces 5 New Decisions That Will Drastically Support People of Special Needs

Ahmed MansourDecember 6, 20213 min

Egypt has been really negligent of people with special needs. For instance, If you try and roam the streets of Egypt, you’ll notice that there are no ramps or any kind of walking aids. Heck, sometimes I find it hard to walk the streets of Cairo without at least having a sprained ankle. But ever since the 2011 revolution and I can witness Egypt somehow coping with the world. The country, and its government, are becoming aware of the needs of the people and actually doing something about it.

These executive measures are being taken as part of the Hayah Karima Initiative. Al-Sisi said.

Egypt's Al-Sisi Announces 5 New Decisions That Will Drastically Support People of Special Needs- c town chatter magazine

So here are the changes that Al-Sisi will apply: 
  1. The projects implemented within the “Decent Life” initiative in all governorates. Include all the societal, cultural, sports and development requirements for people of determination.
  2. Expanding the fields of teacher training and rehabilitation with mechanisms, and skills. Also, foundations of modern methods for dealing and communicating with people with special needs.
  3. The artistic and cultural production sectors will produce more work aimed at highlighting the capabilities and creativity of citizens with special needs and their contributions to Egypt.
  4. All youth and sports organizations will provide special programs for those with special needs.
  5. Coordination between the relevant state agencies to formulate programs aimed at training. In Addition to employing young people with special needs to enrich them with the requirements of the labor market in the various employment sectors.

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