HealthGot Vaccinated? Well, You Might Have to Take A Booster Shot Real Soon!

Do you think you'll need a third shot?
Baher HeneinDecember 6, 20212 min

This article is written for only those who contributed to “trying” to stop the virus from spreading by getting vaccinated! It’s not for you whom you chose to go to Al-Ahwa and Kiss/hug your friends in El-Sahel last Summer!

Third dose in egypt

Well, as it turns out that, since the virus is getting another variant, thus getting stronger, the elderly, medical teams, and those with chronic diseases will have to take a third booster dose. Especially; those who have been infected with the newest variant Omicron. The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt announced Saturday.

So if you fall under these categories you need to find out how you can apply for your third dose. and if in your case it’s mandatory or not. It’s still not clear which vaccine requires the third dose, however, Johnson & Johnson and Astra Zanika are surely in.

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