PoliticsIncarcerated for “Disrupting Social Peace” Egyptian Patrick George Zaky Released Pending Trial

Omar GhazalDecember 8, 20212 min

Remember the Egyptian/Italian researcher that was in prison for the past two years? Yes, that person who was accused of disturbing the peace in Egypt on most of the social media platforms. Well, we do have some news about him; Patrick George Zaky; was released from jail after serving the maximum number of years in prison for “pending Trials” Which is two years by the way.

Incarcerated for "Disrupting Social Peace" Egyptian Patrick George Zaky Released Pending Trial c town chatter

As of now, all we know is that a hearing trial will be held on the 1st of February; according to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights on Tuesday. He also faces charges of managing and using an online account for the purpose of disturbing public order, harming national security, and promoting terrorist crimes, and violence.

We sure do hope that the court is just when It comes to his case!

Omar Ghazal

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