LifestyleKeep Your Jackets Close For That It’s Going to Be Extremely Cold till Monday!

Mahytab RiyadDecember 9, 20212 min

All you Winter lovers, REJOICE! the Egyptian Meteorological Authority just announced that the weather will be just as cold, or even colder than it is right now. Myself, as a Summer man, I really hate the fact that I’m writing this article right now! That includes Greater Cairo and all governorates. 

C town Chatter Rain Cairo

Temperatures will start to rise from Saturday, by two to four degrees. Oh, lest not forget that the fog will be covering most of the streets, deeming driving highly dangerous. So, if you have plans for traveling in the early morning or late at night, try to postpone it! 

They also expect light rain at a rate of 20 percent in some areas of the southern Delta governorates and Greater Cairo.

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