LifestyleThe American University in Cairo Will Host “EHNA” the 2nd Conference on Sexual Harassment in Egypt

Sexual harassment in Egypt has become one of the major issues that we just can’t get over. It’s a thorn in our backs; and it really makes you question the whole “masculinity” and “Nakhwa” that they all talk about in the Si-Fi Ramadan series. But what’s really amazing is that women in Egypt have not given up and will not give up … How, you say? We’ll here is why!

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The students, in the American University in Cairo, will be hosting the second edition of their sexual harassment awareness campaign “Ehna” on December 10 and 11, from 10 am to 5:30 pm. The conference will be under the banner of “The Relation Between Our Roles in Society and Sexual Harassment” which I totally applaud them for. There’s now a huge misunderstanding of whether or not the girl should go ahead and file a police report, or fight back. and it’s a huge dilemma for the man whether to interfere or not. And EHNA (WE) conference is supposed to get all these points straight!

The American University in Cairo Will Host "EHNA" the 2nd Conference on Sexual Harassment in Egypt

The Second Edition will Include Panel Discussions And Workshops to Discuss:

  • Reasons behind accepting harassment as a normal thing in society.
  • The positive or negative impact of media on harassment crisis.
  • How to set boundaries and create a safe environment in schools, universities, and workplaces.
  • How to use social media to create awareness and other topics related to harassment.

Attendees will include:

Professor of Journalism and Media Practitioner at the American University in Cairo and member of the National Council for Women Mervat Abu Ouf

CEO of Fit for Life Khaled Habib,

Director of Safe Kids, Sarah Aziz

CEO of Mother Being, Nour Imam,

Psychologist Noha al-Nahhas

Director of Heal Counseling, Fatma Naout

Actress Jamila Awad

and other activists.

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