ArtA Doll for Every Girl: An Initiative That Spreads Joy Thanks to the Angel Kid, Haima Fansa

Every new year comes with a huge gift that plants unforgettable moments in the heart. As the new year approaches, everybody has such remarkable expectations set to its beginning, which is why this year begins with a heartbeat that all children shall deem to be the most honorable and joyful. We all know children are born with such a fruitful spirit, but it takes plenty of effort to reach their hearts and bring them what they need. The only need they want is a gift they can’t abjure, and that’s what Doll for Every Girl is all about!

Via Doll for Every Girl

A beautiful initiative inspired by an impeccable angel, A Doll for Every Girl is a campaign that distributes toys for children in need in memorial for the beloved angel Haima Fansa who passed away. Haima had a tiny shinning dream that she wished to fulfill, her dream was simply to draw an eternal smile on children’s faces by giving them toys. This dream is coming true, thanks to the superhero and Haima’s mother, along with the help of Rotaract Heliopolis organization. The initiative is already garnering toys that are being wrapped to be distributed as presents to kids.

Who doesn’t have at least 3 or 4 toys that are covered in dust or stored among other clutter? Imagine if they get a new tiny owner and a new home, it would literally be a doll for every child! Let’s support this great cause and spread some happiness around.

For donations, contact Rotaract Heliopolis here, preferably before the 21st of December. Okay

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