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Ahmed MansourDecember 22, 20213 min

We all know that the Egyptian people are well known for their fertility and their undivided love and affection to “multiply”. But, can we seriously reach a point where we say that we are doing it too much? That it is actually affecting our economy and well-being? Well, certainly yes, and sadly we did reach that point.

4 Children are Born Every Minute in Egypt ... So, How Many Per Day?

An Official at the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), Khaled Maher, said in a statement that in Egypt there is are 4 babies that are born every minute in Egypt. That’s 254 babies every hour. Can you imagine that?

You may ask “how does this affect our country and our economy as you mentioned above?” Well, the answer to that is that simply Egypt doesn’t generate income to cover all the expenses of these babies that are born. They’d require medical care, clean water, government-issued home essentials, and in a lot of cases formula milk. These expenses can be utilized in other profit-generating profits that the country would benefit from in the long and short terms!

So to answer the question we mentioned above, if you already didn’t do your math, that’s 3,048 babies per day! that’s 91,440 babies per month, which is 1,097,280 per year.


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