LifestyleChatter: Is it Getting REALLY HARD to Live in Egypt? or Is It Just Us?

Can you relate?
Ahmed MansourFebruary 3, 20226 min

I remember the time when I used to drive my parents’ car, back when I was a student at Cairo University. I remember that I used to drive all the way from El-Manial to Nasr City to meet the “Shella”. I used to drive there feeling like a millionaire having around 200 pounds in my pocket. “No minimum charge I cannot handle” I used to think to myself. I’m that kind of guy who would drive the car until the gas alarm on the car starts beeping, I lived dangerously. But yet again, nothing a LE10 wouldn’t fix. It used to be more than enough to take me there (Nasr City) and back again (El-Manial) and maybe even to uni the next day.

I do feel like that I need to send a special thank you to my car, Loza, for all the shit that I have put her through.

Verna c townc hatter
The car I used to own. But it was never this clean and banged up!

As I considered myself to be an ex-pat back then, I lived alone in a humongous apartment. The apartment had 3 bedrooms and all of them were airconditioned to my liking. The lights were always on, and the off button on the TV’s remote controller was never pressed. Not to mention the laundry, my guitar amp, etc etc … All that and I never remember that I had to pay more than LE300/month for the electricity bill?

The thing is that you’re probably thinking “this dude must be like 45 or something” … Well, you’ll be right if you’re trying to explain how I feel but I’m just 30 years old. Yet I feel 45! from all the pressure that has been put on me from where this country is taking us … or me at least.

So, if you’re planning to get married or travel the world …You must have something in your future plans that involve working abroad to be able to afford the normal expenses that our parents were able to pay for us.

Chatter: Is it Getting REALLY HARD to Live in Egypt? or Is It Just Us?
A youthful picture of me at the age of 29

I’m a father to a cute little girl. Do you know that if I was ever planning to send her to a nursery (that would make you feel that your little one is at least safe from being sexually molested) it will cost you around LE5,000 per month? DUDE! What the hell is going on!

I know that I didn’t even get close to the current situation here in Egypt. The taxes, the small fortune that you’ll need to update your wardrobe, or if you’re trying to upgrade your furniture, or even go to the dentist. Oh, the medical bills! Oh, the medications! Oh, The formula Milk and that crappy Egyptian-made Pampers (vs the Saudi-made one) that leaks and breaks and turns diaper changing time into a nightmare!

Anyways, I felt like rambling and I’m sure that you probably didn’t read the article till the end, but if you did just know this: You’re amongst the slowly disappearing middle class in Egypt. You will soon be considered from the low class of the country. That’s not me rambling, that’s me stating facts and statistics that I briefed into a sentence.

So, yalla let’s make sure that our Instagram post and TikTok video as happy, as happy comes!

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