HealthAre you Constantly Fighting with Your Spouse/Husband? Well, You’re Not to Blame!

It's not you nor her ... It's that invisible pandemic called "Life"
Ahmed MansourFebruary 9, 20227 min

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t include those who cheat, abuse, or perform any of these toxic behaviors. 

People say that marriage could be hard … but they always fail to say that MARRIAGE IS HARD! It’s not a walk in the park, I can certainly tell you that. All that responsibility of make sure that everything is going in order. The order that you want that your other half doesn’t seem to like. Working from 9 to 5, and then one of you has to get up, feeling totally on the edge, and cook … because one’s got to eat.

“Is the bed made? Is the bathroom clean? ” God I hate it when dishes pill up like that!”

See all these questions are normal. You’re not a superhero; when you have to commute for two hours going to work and another two hours going back home. Add to the list that ass of a boss and that snake of a coworker that you have to deal with every day.

Our generation has gone through things that our parents and grandparents didn’t have to endure. Cairo was almost the size of Nasr City. So, commuting was easy. Their work didn’t depend on these energy-draining devices and technologies that we have to use. Money had value back then. I always remember how my dad used to tell me that with just one pound, he’d live like a king, there was nothing he cannot afford. Do you know how much a bag of chips costs now? or a can of Pepsi? Dude (or Dudess) it’s normal that when you go back home you’d get to fight with your wife over “Why isn’t the milk in the refrigerator?”

Oh, and did I mention that having a baby is not all laughs and kisses? My advice would be to postpone it until you’re able to afford one. “Any fool can make a baby, but only a man can raise one” 

So let’s stop rambling and start talking numbers and statistics. According to CAMPAS Divorce in rural areas also overtook those in urban areas in 2020. In rural areas, divorce cases reported 54.6 percent of the total nationwide. From 2019 to 2020, divorce in urban and rural areas declined by 3.9 percent and seven percent, respectively.

The age group between 30 and 35 recorded the highest divorce rates in 2020. Women above 65 years represented the age group with the least divorce rates. According to CAPMAS, marriage and divorce rates in 2020 were the highest among secondary school graduates and the lowest, with 0.1 percent, among university graduates. So you can imagine how it is now with all that’s going around in the country and COVID and all that!

See these are the ones that fell out of love (which seems easier and easier to a lot of people because of all the reasons mentioned above). The ones that chose the easy way out “bala waga3 demagh” but for all those who are still clinging on; Just know this one thing:

You’re a fucking hero for making it thus far! and just the mere fact that you didn’t think of an out makes you an even bigger hero. It’s not easy and it won’t get better. but that’s life and it’s just our dumb luck that we were born into this generation! 

It’s ok that you cannot afford a maid. It’s ok that you didn’t manage to travel this summer and go spend LE300 on a crappy pizaa. It’s ok because sometimes you won’t be able to afford what you’re craving to eat and you’ll have to settle on Gebna bel tamatem. It’s ok that you’d ask your parents for financial help (trust me everyone does). So, don’t sweat it.

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