LifestyleThe TV Show That Fabricated Magdi Yacoub Phone Call is Cancelled

Makes you wonder, right?
Nour RaafatFebruary 11, 20222 min

I seriously do not know how someone would do such a thing and go on as if he/she will not get caught. It’s something that was literally broadcasted on TV! It’s not some video that you and your family will get to watch at home. Not to mention that you’d still get caught from how sloppy the job was!

The TV Show That Fabricated Magdy Yacoub Phone Call is Cancelled

The Legal Affairs Department of Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel, headed by Mahmoud al-Assal, stopped the “Al-Hayah Ahla” (Life is Better) program permanently after fabricating a fake phone call by a person who impersonated Egyptian heart surgeon Magdi Yacoub. But that’s not all! The two hosts of the show Presenters Sherif Adel Mostafa and Nouran Mahmoud al-Sayed have been also banned from appearing on the show, or any other for that matter, and legal actions have been taken against them.

This is just a brief example of what Arab Television brings to our table. This is an example of how unprofessional news agencies can be (Even though every step they take is screened by another team). So, imagine how it’s like reading news right off the back of the “internet” with someone just sitting in his underpants saying that “Sheryhan has died”.

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