ArtThe Band “Korn” just Released a New Album “Requiem” and it’s Everything You Want it To Be!

Are you a fan of Korn?
Ahmed MansourFebruary 12, 20224 min

I’ve been a fan of the band fan as far as I can remember. their “Freak on the Leash” album really changed how I perceive life. See the reason why I’m Writing about Korn and not others, is the fact that Korn has always been an advocate against bullying. Maybe some Egyptians will get to learn a thing or two from the bands they call “Devil Worshiping bands”

Their new album that’s called “Requiem” still has that vibe that no other band could accomplish. The lyrics are so relatable. and of course, the music is from some other world.

Follow the Leader (1998) and Issues (1999), both of which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.[4] The band’s mainstream success continued with Untouchables (2002), Take a Look in the Mirror (2003), and See You on the Other Side (2005) were the albums that made them the most famous Nu-metal band there is.

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis has launched a two-week t-shirt brand campaign with Merchful to help those that are suffering from bullying or suicidal thoughts. Davis explains: “As you know, bullying is something a lot of people have to deal with, and many times that type of harassment leads to suicide. “Let’s help shine a light on this crap, let’s be weird, let’s be different, but always be yourself.

“Let’s see how many people we can get behind this movement.”

Here’s a playlist that we created “The Best of Korn … So far!”


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