LifestyleHusband Beats Wife on Their Wedding Day and Youm7 Swiped it Under the Rug!

Is this normal?
Leena NasserFebruary 19, 20221 min

It’s funny how Youm7 news agency is showing that everything is just “pink and dandy” so the husband wouldn’t be detained over what he did to his wife!

In the REAL UPPER EGYPT and in all the RURAL AREAS around Egypt, women face domestic violence of all forms from their husbands, brothers, and fathers (the male figures in their lives).

This one was caught on camera, that’s true … So why not make an example out of him? Didn’t Egypt’s Dar Il Ifta state recently that hitting your wife is Haram and should be punished by law?

Well … watch this video and let us know what you think!

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