EntertainmentTV Host Ibrahim Eissa Faces Backlash From Al-Azhar Over Israa and Miraj Remarks

We don't think that Ibrahim is Stupid enough not to see this one coming!
Ahmed MansourFebruary 20, 20223 min

If you did not see this one coming, then probably you need to get yourself a little bit more educated about the Egyptian policy of “freedom of speech” and “openly expressing opinions”. The latest victim of this repressing ideology was the TV host Ibrahim Eissa.

Ibrahim Eissa, During his show “Hadith al-Qahera” (Cairo Talk), broadcast on al-Qahera Wal Nas satellite channel, stated the story of “Israa and Miraj” is somehow fictitious and that the Sheikhs (men of religion) sometimes tend to tell half the story and not the whole thing. He also added that “that the tales about Miraj are propaganda fabricated by Sheikhs, who ignore the narrations that deny the reality of Miraj”

TV Host Ibrahim Eissa Faces Backlash From Al-Azhar Over Israa and Miraj Remarks

Al-Azhar Global Center for Electronic Fatwas said in a statement that “The miracle of the Night Journey and the Miraj is one of the uninterrupted miracles of Prophet Mohamed the Messenger of God. May God’s blessings and peace be upon him. which are confirmed by the text of the Holy Quran in the two surahs Al-Isra and An-Najm, and by the hadiths of the pure Prophetic Sunnah in all eras, leaving no room for staunch skepticism.”

Yeah, we do know that Ibrahim is well known for his open-mindedness and constant skepticism, but did he have to take the Holy Quran and criticize it?

So what do you think?

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