TravelSouth Sinai’s Saint Catherine ‘Destroyed’ by New Development Project

The Sisi government has grand plans to transform a Unesco-listed World Heritage Site, but locals watch the construction works with unease

A development project in the ancient city of Saint Catherine in Egypt‘s Sinai Peninsula has been criticized by local residents who have accused authorities of disfiguring the city. City residents have expressed concern for its future as an ancient heritage site, citing what they describe as its ongoing “destruction” and the lack of a clear vision for its development.

“What is sold to us as development is, in fact, ruining this ancient and beautiful city,” Ahmed Ali, a tourism worker in his mid-40s and a resident of Saint Catherine, told Middle East Eye.

South Sinai's Saint Catherine 'Destroyed' by New Development Project c town chatter online magazine

“The view to most of the ancient sites of the city will be blocked by the concrete buildings now constructed in it within the new development project.” People like Ali are taking to social media to share their opinions with both fellow Egyptians and the authorities. Some of the photos they have posted show important parts of the city being razed to the ground.

One resident said he can see nothing but bulldozers pulling down important parts of the city, including ancient buildings, and substituting them with blocks of concrete that do nothing but deface Saint Catherine.  Another said the city has turned into a place full of dust and rubble that seems nothing like the city he has known for many years.

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