TechnologyIt Will Cost You This Much to Charge Your Electric Car in Egypt

It's still not that cheap!
Heba SaadMarch 13, 20222 min

Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Dr. Mohamed Shaker, revealed that the prices approved by the Electricity Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency for the cost of charging electric cars will encourage citizens to resort to environment-friendly transportation.

It Will Cost You This Much to Charge Your Electric Car in Egypt c town chatter online magazine

Shaker added that charging electric cars up to 22 kilowatt-hours of alternating current will be at a cost of 169 piasters per kilowatt-hour compared to places where companies are exempted from paying for the use of the place, where the cost of charging for the same amount in places where the companies are obligated to pay for the use of the place is 186 piasters per kilowatt/hour.

The minister pointed out that the cost of charging an electric car up to 50-kilowatt hours of continuous current is 375 piasters per kilowatt/hour, noting that charging electric cars from the home will be at the same cost as the prices of the segments announced for the home sector, according to the plan to lift the subsidy until July 2025.

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