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It is fairly safe to say that this would be the first time we are delighted that Ramadan is arriving with some warmer temperatures! Yes, we are over this never-ending cold weather, and we are so ready for the smell of freshly made Samboosa, tons of Konafa with whatever this year’s trend might bring, and the plethora of advertisements with massive budgets!

By Youssef Hammouda 

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When speaking of Ramadan ads, several ones pop into our heads, for their catchy melody, impeccable production, or simply the appearance of beloved figures that we all miss. So, just a day or two before Ramadan begins, let’s take a look at previous ads that bring all the good nostalgia back:

This one with Shereen and Tamer features lots of celebrities upholding the unforgettable first beautiful day of the holy month.

Mobinil’s campaign, “Malnash Gher Ba3d” was all about the beauty of unity and communication as it shows how people around Egypt aren’t far away from each other.

Here is an unforgettable piece of art showing people upholding their pride, supporting each other, and blessing the grace of giving.

Featuring the late Samir Ghanem, among Es’aad Yonis, Shereen, Ashraf Abdel Baky, and Essily , this one is a great reminder of how blessed it is to spend Ramadan with the people you love.

A masterpiece showing the people who you always love to vibe with and call in order to make this month a truly special one to be lived.

It is considered a happy memory to watch the late Ezzat and Maha Abu Auf’s reunion with their siblings. This one is another reminder that after all the years that have passed and the departure of the ones that hold the other halves of our hearts, there is still a way to gather them in one room.

Last but not least, this one sums up the spirit of Ramadan in Egypt; lively streets adorned with lanterns and food trucks, neighbors chatting on balconies, and our iconic Fatoota.

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